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How Senator DeSteph Can Serve You

As your representative in the Virginia Senate for the 8th District, I am committed to providing my constituents the highest quality of public service.

If you have any comments on legislative issues, ideas for revising Virginia law, or see a need for a law to be enacted or rescinded, please let me know. You have my personal commitment that my staff and I will advocate on your behalf with all state agencies. My staff and I work every day to make Virginia a better place for all.

These are some of the services we can help with:

  1. Speaking to a community group, school, service or fraternal organization.
  2. Presenting commending and memorial resolutions to the Virginia Senate.
  3. Providing guidance to the appropriate local, state or federal agency.
  4. Arranging tours of our State Capitol, as well as Virginia tourism information.
  5. Introducing, patroning, co-patroning or opposing legislation that is of interest to you.

Please feel free to contact my office for assistance.



Find out about:
  1. Educational information about the legislative process
  2. Suggestions & tips on effective advocacy
  3. House & Senate Committee membership information
  4. Legislators’ voting records
  5. Copies of bills, laws, studies, government forms, and other state publications
  6. Schedule of legislative & committee meetings
  7. Legislative study committee and state agency studies or reports



For help with:
  1. Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
  2. Referrals or advocacy with Social Services
  3. Virginia Department of Corrections
  4. Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice
  5. Virginia Department of Transportation
  6. Virginia Department of Health
  7. Virginia Department of Education
  8. Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs
  9. Virginia Department of Agricultural Services
  10. Virginia Attorney General’s Office



To request:
  1. State publications
  2. Virginia state flags that flown over the State Capitol
  3. Lapel Pins of the Virginia flag
  4. Legislative publications
  5. Advocacy before a State agency
  6. Letters of Recommendation
  7. Referrals to Human Service Organizations

Contact the Offices of Senator DeSteph.

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